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Submission Deadlines
• Abstract Submission (500 words): 15 June 2024
• Proposal Acceptance: 25 June 2024
• Full chapter Submission: 15 July 2024
• Chapter Review notification: 30 July 2024
• Revised Chapter Submission: 15 August 2024
• Publication of the Book: 10 September 2024

Areas Covered
• The evolution of the theory and practice of pedagogy
• The origin of the pedagogy of higher education
• Contemporary systems of higher education
• The foundations of teaching and learning in higher education
• Organizational forms of teaching in higher education
• Teaching methods in higher education
• Technology and informatization in higher education
• Students’ independent study and research work
• Innovative practices in higher education
• Character and moral education
• Higher education management
• Pedagogical monitoring

Scope of the Book
The purpose of the book is to bring together the theories and practices of higher education that are currently in existence in the Western and Eastern world. The idea of synergy is central to the book because it is, essentially, an attempt to integrate the experience accumulated over a period of many centuries and come up with novel solutions to a number of recurrent educational problems. The content of the book may serve as a catalyst for the beginning of the actual “dialogue of pedagogical cultures” using the lingua franca of scientific discourse, the English language.
Important Manuscript Guidelines
• Manuscripts are to be typed with Times New Roman, font size 14, 1.5 line spacing
• Author’s full contact information is to be provided
• Maximum Word Limit is to be 4.000 words including References
• References are to be done in APA style at the end of the text
• Plagiarism should be below 20 per cent

Dr. Yuri Maslov, BELARUS
Dr. Yuriy Melnyk, UKRAINE

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