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Kud, А. A., Mashchenko, M. A., Pypenko, I. S., & Soboleva, I. V. (2020). Predicting the Impact of Digital Assets on Socioeconomic Development of an Enterprise [Methodical Manual]. Kharkiv: KRPOCH. doi:10.26697/9786177089116.2020 

  ISBN: 978-617-7089-11-6
  doi: 10.26697/9786177089116.2020

In the methodical manual the phenomenon of socioeconomic development has been studied, the peculiarities of the sociocultural context, which form the understanding of the essence of socioeconomic development, have been substantiated; the influence of modern information technologies, which significantly change the models and ways of doing business, has been determined. On the basis of etymological analysis the essence of the concept “digital asset” and the essence of predicting socioeconomic development from the influence of digital assets in the conditions of economy antimonopolization have been studied. The principles of building economy antimonopoly regulation in the conditions of the economy digitalization have been determined. This study is agreed and approved as the research paper of S. Kuznets KhNUE (Agreement No. 649-56 dated December 13, 2019). The methodical manual is addressed for specialists in the fields of information and digital economy, lawyers, financial organizations and representatives of business communities.

List of Abbreviations and Symbols 
Section 1. Theoretical Basis of Socioeconomic Development in the Current Context
Section 2. A Complex of Basic Concepts of the “Digital Asset” Phenomenon 
Section 3. The Impact of Digital Assets on Socioeconomic Development and the Role of Predicting in the Context of Economy Antimonopolization